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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  April 7, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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washington nationals to score anymore. >> tom: stephen drew pinch-hitting. the washington nationals have a six-man bench which at this point in the year is somewhat uncommon. usually there's an extra bull pen piece or two. we saw the reds. the reds had a four-man bench. >> john: yeah. but your starters are averaging six a start, you don't need that many. >> tom: good point. 1-2 to drew. and way outside, two balls and two strikes.
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a line drive. that was a base hit to float up to top. he gets there quickly to hold stephen drew to a lead-off single. >> john: he doesn't hit it real hard. this doesn't do a whole lot. >> tom: is this turner's button here? >> john: yes. the way he's swinging it.
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there's one. they got a hurry in time. 5-4-3, double play. that's a good job all the way around. >> gregg: just knowing -- that's what i'm talking about. i thinking ahead, knowing the runner, maikel, big play. >> tom: adam eaton, he shows bunt. >> john: a pitch too late.
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>> tom: i thought he would. part of it is because of the way all of those guys are swinging right now. >> john: we're good managers up here, aren't we. >> tom: yeah, we are. >> john: you went from no sleeves to sleeves and a mask. >> tom: he's gotten older. >> john: what is he? a robust 25? >> tom: yeah. >> john: i mean how can anyone play past their 26th birthday. he'll be a free agent when he's -- >> tom: two more years. after next season. he'll be a free agent. >> john: so technically, according to the baseball
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geniuses, that he hasn't reached his prime yet? >> tom: he has not reached his prime yet. >> john: good for him. >> tom: mike trout has not reached his prime yet. >> john: a few mvps, a few all-star mvps. they're probably going to get better. alleluia for the fightin' phils. >> tom: 3-1, he bunts. >> john: you think, what is he thinking. >> tom: blanco is right behind him. >> john: look what you have coming on. >> ben: and you're left-handed and the wind is howling to the right. >> john: i don't think i could hit with that thing all over my face. >> tom: i would think it would distract you too. that one is on the inside part of the plate and neris gets out of the eighth inning. we'll go to the bottom of the
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>> tom: wednesday when the phillies take on the mets, you'll receive cell phone phillies wallets. go to you know who would like a cell phone wallet? >> gregg: what's that. >> tom: your daughter. she's 8. >> gregg: i think she wants pizza. >> tom: that's what you're going to give her as a gist? >> gregg: no i'm saying that's what she wants for dinner for her birthday. >> tom: you don't want to say what it is in case she's listening? >> john: my son's birthday is coming up on the 11th.
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>> tom: get him the cell phone wallet. one ball, one strike. not too pleased with the call by the home plate umpire. that's who i look at right there. to the middle. turn turner's got it. kendrick's aboard. >> john: here we go, boys. that's a veteran. he didn't let that pitch call affect his at bat. puts the ball in play. good things happen. a couple of hits. got through the middle of the infield pretty quick. >> ben: it's amazing how many more hits if you're able to stay in the middle of the field.
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turner gets to it. kendrick still with some good wheels. turner knows he's got to hurry. stay in the middle of the field. >> john: do you think he ha to slide to get to the 360 turn to first? >> tom:jimmy rollins wouldn't have. here's odubel. two for three the last time up. one ball and no strikes. >> john: hey, when asdrubal gets on, you never know. >> tom: you've gob the heart of your order up. you'll have to pinch hit after franco because that is the pitcher's spot. it's okay. they have blanco or nava. it would depend. one ball, one strike.
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>> john: regardless, i don't think blanco faces romero. warming up for the nationals. >> john: two guys batting left-handed.
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she asked to come to the game today. it was too chilly. >> tom: you could have given her a ski cap and then the phillies wallet. 2-2. here's nava trying to keep himself warm near the heaters, keep his bat warm too. just trying to stay alive as he sprays that one toward juan.
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>> john: make sure you handle your bat because the pine tar can freeze. >> gregg: i put the bat next to the heater and it caught on fire. >> john: they didn't have butane back when i -- >> gregg: edmonton in april. >> john: salt lake city, end of march. coldest day. it was freezing, literally. it was in the 20s. >> tom: i saw a picture today when the blue jays opened on this day in the '70s where there was snow all over field and they were sweeping it all off. it looked like it was bitter.
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2-2 to odubel herrera. odubel helped out the umpire. telling them that that was a little low. >> john: what? 98? >> tom: 98 left-handed. >> john: it makes you wonder. why is the e.r.a. so high. >> gregg: because they don't look at that. i would be the most aggressive pitcher in the world if i'm throwing 98 from the left side right now. >> tom: outside, the tying run
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is coming to the plate. wieters is coming to the placement here comes dusty bake e. blanco looks like he'll face the right-hander as he comes up with the potential tying run. there's a call to the bull pen. the nats go back to their bull pen. phillies will bring the tying run to the plate. 7-4 when we come back. 4
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hopefully there's some hatfield dollar dogs left because they obviously ran out in the lunchroom up here in the press box. >> john: i'll tell you what. your son came up really small tod today. >> tom: he is a mccarthy, so if there was a food, he'd sniff it out. >> john: can we fire him? >> tom: we can. after today he is fired. >> john: there we will. >> tom: koda glover will take over for the nationals with first and second and nobody out. herrera is at first base.
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mak maki makiel is coming up. >> john: he was using an unfinished bat. maybe he's trying to change his luck. maybe that's against the sinker ball. i don't know. >> tom: 96. >> john: he has a black bat. >> tom: i think that's a
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different black bat. >> john: fourth inning. >> tom: that's a different one than the first at-bat. >> john: you know, when you're struggling, sometimes they don't last long after the at-bat. >> john: it's always the equipment's fault. >> john: it's never the player. i never made an error, my bats did. >> tom: you never made an error, your gloves did. >> john: yeah. >> tom: outside, 2-1. a little bit of doubt creeps into their heads. >> john: you know what? i don't care how good your stuff is. when you know that your bull pen is struggling, there has to be like i can't make a mistake here, i can't make a mistake. if he hits a home run, the game is tied. i have to be perfect. sometimes when you seek perfection, imperfection shows up. this is where he's got to be smart.
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find one in the happy area. if not, you've got to take it. >> tom: so nava is on deck. that's the pitcher's deck. out toward shallow right field. infield fly rule has been fouled. although i don't think anything is routine. both of these swings, he was right on it. >> ben: what i like is the swing. it shows that he's not trying to do too much at the plate. two pretty swings there by daniel nava.
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>> tom: seven hits as a pinch hitter during his career. i think the phillies were happy to put him on the roster because he is so versatile off the bench. left field righty. 96. >> ben: i think if they saw the report it was don't throw the breaking ball. he had it yesterday. first pitch, 96. chatter up. >> tom: i think he feels like he
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missed that one. >> john: yeah. >> john: well, let's hope he trips him and tries to throw him a breaking ball. >> tom: fly ball toward left center field. the wind is there. the wind is not going to help anything on that. there are two outs. now it's up to tommy joseph with two away in the eighth inning.
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>> the contributions. i love to see tommy step up here and do some damage. just for his personal psyche. it would do wonders. he pops it up. the wind takes it away. he makes the catch. after the phillies get the first two base runners on, the nationals were able to quiet their offense by getting the next three hitters. he comes out of the pen and does his job. vanessa: i got hurt and was given painkillers.
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>> tom: phillies down, 7-4. every time they make a home run, they contribute. xfinity x 1 will change the way you experience tv. well, jeanmar gomez is on to pitch here in the top of the ninth inning. jeanmar pitched in the opener and allowed two runs on two hits in that inning. daniel nava stays in the game to play first base. so jeanmar bats in tommy joseph's spot.harper will lead
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off. phillies pitchers have 15 strikeouts today but have also walked six batters and have allowed 11 hits including bryce harper's two in his two-run home run. >> john: he apparently got his hitting coach behind home plate.
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>> tom: i think it is distracting when you have all that on. it feels like you're restricted in a lot of ways. >> john: it looks like it -- it's not like a full-on body suit he's wearing, but i just don't know how you can have that over your face and try to hit. >> tom: too bad the pitcher can't say, hey, man, do you mind? that's bugging me. >> john: too bad a pitcher doesn't go out there with that? they would have a fit. i'm going to ask him tomorrow, is that restricting, so we'll have a better idea. >> tom: a swing and a miss. no restricting him there. 16 strikeouts today for the phils' pitching staff. 16 strikeouts.
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25 outs, 16 strikeouts, two double plays. >> gregg: a tight slider flatfooted. you can barely see the dot on that pitch. >> john: he can barely see that. are you going to give that pitch all day? >> tom: out toward center field. freddy galvis says he has it. two outs.
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if you want the most accurate forecast, count on it. they said it was going to be windy today and they were right on that one. >> john: 100%. there's a 100% chance of wind today. >> tom: yeah. >> john: i wonder if i could be a meteorologist. >> tom: how do you think you would do on the green screen? >> john: i don't want that thing. >> tom: is that why ben is on the telestrator? >> ben: the telestrator isn't the issue. it's giving it off. >> tom: before the play resumes. >> john: if it don't bother me, why should it bother them. >> tom: why are there all those red lines.
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they're moving pretty good in this inning. >> gregg: he's using all his pitches, which you like to see. >> john: there haven't been too many swings, has there. >> gregg: no. >> tom: another strikeout. 1, 2, 3 go the nationals. one more chance for the phillies.
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